Women are no stranger to adversity. We all have our stories, the incidents we don’t talk about, the hard pregnancies, forced marriages, sexism, harassment, abuse, discrepancies in pay, funding and opportunities and so forth.

After experiencing her own adversity that served as a wake-up call, designer Arianne Elmy began researching the shocking inequality statistics, interviewing women, and attending women’s movement events. The inequalities are worse than most realize and are often brushed under the rug.

Arianne Elmy realized she had to do something, using her coveted clothing brand she partnered with the incredible charity Global Fund For Women. The foundation funds and supports courageous women-led groups who are guiding social movements and fighting for justice in their own communities. Their worldwide network of women often lobby for women’s rights and equality both locally and internationally. Arianne Elmy created some limited-edition pieces (below) in which 20% of the total price will go to the charity. Arianne Elmy’s goal is to ignite a synergy of change, one woman at a time; together women can do anything, imagine if we would drop the petty competition and simply work together. United we are a force to be reckoned with. The time is now, let’s make a change!



Please take some time to learn about the following topics. Each link below will take you to a different page that contains different interviews, facts and statistics.


Speak Up. Support. Surpass The Statistics.

Pregnancy Pro Choice and Birth Control
Lack of Opportunity and Sexism Rape and Violence


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  We hope you enjoy the capsule collection. 20% of your purchase goes to Global Fund For Women. Thanks for helping us in the fight for gender equality!

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